• Art Of Spectra / Peter Svenzon

    Choreographer and composer, Peter Svenzon, founded Art Of Spectra in 1998. His artistic expression is very significant and physical, which directly communicates with an audience. His work with Art of Spectra has always pushed boundaries and his background as a break-dancer is very evident in his work. The idea of A.O.S thereby the name, is to explore the crossing of borders between different art forms such as; Dance, theatre, music, video, picture art etc. Peter also composes the music for Art Of Spectra in stiles like electronica, drum´n bass, ambient and hip-hop. A common element is also musicians playing live on stage.
    Art of Spectra has with great success, created performances for both youth and a general audience, nationally and Internationally. In 2012, the production BOUNDARIES, toured 2012 in the UK, managed by UK agency, Dep Arts Ltd. Boundaries was also put up by Ballet Vorpommern in Greifswald (DE) and presented at ICE HOT in Helsinki 2012.
    The company has throughout the years been in recidensy at following places; Dance City in Newcastle (UK), Folkteatern in Gothenburg, Helsingborg Citytheatre, Vara Conserthus, Alingsås county, Copeland Borough Council (UK) and Falköping county.

    - The choreography, as always with Svenzon's work, is physical, demanding and violent. It demands dancers with hypersensitivity to timing and clear phrasing.
    - With the women lifting, throwing and carrying and the men gentle in an embrace there are no traditional gender roles here.
    - However Art of Spectra is not a one sided company and the show contains more than just brutality.
    - The choreography is indeed demarcated and strong.
    LIs Hellström Svenningsson/ GP/ SWE
    - Art of Spectra features a company of dancers so grounded you couldn't knock them over with a bulldozer, this is a good thing. Article 19/ UK
    The Choreographer, Peter Svenzon has created dance works for Gothenburg Opera and Dansens Hus among others, throughout his career he also choreographed theatre with directors such as Lars Norén, Sweden's most prominent playwrights.