Boundaries - Avgränsat (2011)

World premiere at Folkteatern in Gothenburg 26 of march 2011.

Defined. Outside. Beyond. Trapped. On the other side.  

Peter Svenzon has for Art Of Spectra created an exciting and dynamic new creation with an international cast. In an atmosphere inspired by the worlds of David Lynch, he examines general human issues in this physical, expressive and uploaded performance. The multi cultural background of the dancers bringing different experience of boundaries and environments has influenced the creation of Avgränsat. This is Art of Spectras first international offering. Peter Svenzon has choroeographed and, in collaboration with composer and DJ Sharooz Raoofi (GB/IR/IRN), written the soundtrack.

- The choreography, as always with Svenzonʼs work, is physical, demanding and violent. It demands dancers with hypersensitivity to timing and clear phrasing… …with the women lifting, throwing and carrying and the men gentle in an embrace there are no traditional gender roles here.

… However Art of Spectra is not a one sided company and the show contains more than just brutality…

- The choreography is indeed demarcated and strong. LIs Hellström Svenningsson/ GP/ SWE

- Art of Spectra features a company of dancers so grounded you couldn't knock them over with a bulldozer, this is a good thing. Article 19/ UK  

BOUNDARIES were also put up in Germany by Ballet Vorpommern in Germany, spring 2012. BOUNDARIES toured in UK in 2012. The work participated at more more more on ICE HOT festival in Helsinki 2012.

BOUNDARIES filmed by Article 19 in UK:

Ulriqa Fernqvist, Sosso Harryson, Morgan Karlsson, Hannes Lundin and Raymond Roa. Dancers that has also participated in the workprocess are Sigge Modigh, Dan Erik Dahlin, Hian Ruth Voon and Khamlane Halskda.

Choreography and music
Peter Svenzon

Sharooz Raoofi

Light design and Videoart
Ludde Falk

Set design
Robert W Ljung

Costume design
Donky production