Eklektisk (2008)

− physical, playful, rhythmical with powerful expression, original music score, contemporary dance and five dancers.

The piece Eklektisk originated from Art Of Spectra's dance residency in Alingsås, Playground, during the fall of -07. During -08, the show toured throughout Västra Götaland.

"An atmosphere of subculture infuses the grey and foggy set. The backdrop's bloodred worry is echoed in the dancers' blurred mouths and as small fields on the grey costumes. A leather couch and the table with computers and cords summon the dancers for short breaks to catch their breaths. Otherwise the dance flows, like exposed bodies across the floor, like groups in unison stackato, or individuals in slow motion. Streetdance, martial arts and classical lines fuse - controlled energy with high risk factor."
Lis Hellström Sveningson, Göteborgs Posten

Peter Svenzon

Original score
Peter Svenzon

Light Design
Tobias Hallgren

Ellen Hammarberg Utterström

Set Design
Art of Spectra

Sound/Sound technician
Isak Ingelsbo

Ulriqa Fernqvist, Sigge Modigh/ Sverre Heidenberg, Hanna Jonsson, Karen Maria Stensrød, Peter Svenzon