Flow (2004)

Premier at Atalante in Gothenburg- Sweden.
FA journey in audio- and visual landscapes. Four stage images inspired by surrealism and Salvador Dali, the skewed image of the reality he's given us thru his paintings. Also inspired by filmmaker Kurosawas magery, moods, colours and not least his metaphoric way of work. Four characters occasionally meeting and sometimes displaying motion course of vents".

Peter Svenzon

Ulriqa Fernqvist, Therese Fredriksson, Peter Swenson Musician/trumpet Staffan Svensson

Music Composer
Peter Svenzon, Zynk and Staffan Svensson

Britt Fornander, Peter Svenzon Costume Britt Fornander

Costume Sewer
Christin Olofsdotter

Light Designer
Anna Wemmert-Clausen

Sound and Video Engineer
Viktor Wendin

Anna Lindqvist

Therese Holmberg-Finné

"FLOW" was produced with the support of "Statens Kulturråd" and "Göteborgs Kulturnämnd"