Game (2001)

Performance length: 30 min and workshop 45 min.
Modern dance goes streetdance in an all-new expression Game is developed for gymnastics halls. The play is in form of street basketballmatch but evolves more and more into dance. Game is acrobatic and playful, featuring the five characters: Razorhead, Scorpio, Crazybone, Snake and the referee Onkel Sam. These five meet in a struggle to win the match. The play is followed up by a 45-minute workshop with the audience. Game has played well over 200 times all over Sweden since the premiere in 2001.
Choreographer Peter Svenzon Dancers Serion Abebe, Patrick Acquaye-Idström, Sigge Modigh, Peter Svenzon Previous Dancers Phax Ahamada/Mauro Rojas, Felippe Engberg Rap Artist Mattias Lagnander (P.S. aka. Tha marginal error) Scenography and Costume Art Of Spectra
GAME was produced with the support of Göteborgs Kulturnämnd.