Kod (2005)

Premiere at Pustervik Theatre in Gothenburg, Sweden. Duration: 50 min

KOD - about the meaning of different behaviors, about understanding and misunderstanding as the results of different "Codes".
KOD - about situations displaying meetings, affection, status, fitting in or not.
KOD - about question at issue and points of contact mostly current when you are young.

In the playful and physical choreography of "KOD" four dancers and one rap artist/poet performs on stage. KOD also contains new written poetry, rap/spoken word performed by "P.S. aka. tha mariginal error". In KOD you will find the meeting if the spoken word and the language of the body.

Peter Svenzon

Ulriqa Fernqvist, Sigge Modigh, Peter Svenzon

Mattias Lagnander (P.S. aka. Tha marginal error)

Music Composer
Peter Svenzon, Zynk

Scenography and Costume
Art Of Spectra

Light designer
Anna Wemmert-Clausen

Sound Engineer
Daniel Pherson

Light Engineer and Photographer
Anna Lindqvist

"KOD" was produced with the support of "Statens Kulturråd" and "Göteborgs Kulturnämnd".