− a unique collaboration between Folkteatern and Art of Spectra, on the border between dance and theatre.

SHORTCUTS is a compact, physical and poetic performance with three dancers and four actors. The piece builds on an idea by Peter Svenzon and takes place in a terminal, in which seven people are stranded. How is one effected... by the stress, the uncertainty when plans fall apart, when one can't piece together the "puzzle of life" and stand unable to influence events? What happens in a group of strangers as time passes and they have no possibility to withdraw? When do their masks fall apart? For how long is one able to keep up appearances?

Peter Svenzon's SHORTCUTS is inspired by earlier works by groups such as DV8 and Les ballets C de la B, groups that have successfully combined and united the theatrical language with the physical. Lisa Hjertén stands behind the glossy black and white, stripped set design, which in collaboration with Ludde Falk's lighting make up the set in Röda Sten's "Cathedral". The masks were created by Lars Carlsson. The piece also presensts newly-written, specially-composed music and filmed sequences by Peter Svenzon.

Peter Svenzon

Set design/Costume
Lisa Hjertén

Light design
Ludde Falk

Lars Carlsson

Music composition & Film
Peter Svenzon

Sound technique
Allan Anttila

Simon Cederquist

Magnus Borén, Ulriqa Fernqvist, Anna Westberg

Lars Magnus Larsson, Erik Ståhlberg, Jonas Sjöqvist, Annika Nordin