Source (2001)

Premiere at Atalante in Gothenburg- Sweden. 50 minutes

"6pc PERSONALITY , 8pc NEWLY COMPOSED MUSIC , 1pc CLASSICAL BALLET, 3pc MODERN DANCE , 1pc BREAK-DANCE , 1pc VIDEO ART . Mix them carefully, add one part magic and misc. spices. //"

In the play “SOURCE”, Peter worked together with one classical dancer, two street-dancers and three modern dancers to explore their similarities and differences without compromising any of their individual qualities. With sex individual personalities, styles and meetings between them a common expression is created. Music by Peter Svenzon, in the styles of; electro, ambient, electro.acoustic and more.. The music is arranged in an interplay between choreography, picture and lighting. In the performance, video is projected, creating an interaction between motion and picture. "SOURCE" was produced with the support of "Statens Kulturråd" and "Göteborgs Kulturnämnd".

Peter Svenzon

Phax Ahamada, Patrick Acquaye-Idström, Ulriqa Fernqvist, Monica Milocco, Mauro Rojas, Peter Svenzon

Light designer
Anna Wemmert-Clausen

Music composer
Peter Svenzon

Peter Svenzon

Scenography and costume
Art Of Spectra

Hans Rydman and Anna Lamberg