Streetstyles (2003)

Premiere in Gothenburg, Sweden 30 minutes
A journey thru the Hip-hop culture. Play with acrobatics and knowledge. Electric boogie, slow motion, pop locking, rob motion, poppin, break-dance, and more. You'll get to meet two Swedish masters, one b-girl and the rapper "P.S." in the play "Streetstyles". Streetstyles also features new music such as dub, Hip-Hop, New Break beat, Future funk and more by Hip-Hop producer "Zynk".

Peter Svenzon with dancers

Veronica Malm/ Anna, Elias Carat, Patrick Acquaye-Idström.

Peter Svenzon

Mattias Lagnander (P.S. aka. Tha marginal error)

Music composer and video
Peter Svenzon

Scenography and costume
Art Of Spectra

Peter Svenzon

Produced by Art Of Spectra and Penthouze Studio