Tankar - Prolog (2009)

−  Peter Svenzon is one of four Choreographers in Prolog at Gothenburg Operawith with his work, "Tankar".

Premiere for the tour in West region is on the 26:th of September at Gothenburg Operas Skövdescenen.   

Tankar is a very physical piece with inspiration of lyrics from the Swedish band, Kent.

Peter Svenzon, together with three choreographers from Gothenburg Opera´s balletcompany, (Israel Aloni, Hlín Diego Hjalmarsdóttir and Toby Kassell) choreographed twelve of Sweden’s most promising young dancers. Together they created Prolog, a performance in four parts inspired by Nordic literature. Among the sources of inspiration are the Icelandic Nobel laureate Halldór Laxness and our national Swedish poet Gustaf Fröding. The twelve dancers were selected from the final year students at the Ballet Academies in Gothenburg and Stockholm, the University College of Dance and the Royal Swedish School of Ballet.

Under the name of NUDANS they have formed a seasonally-based dance company that performed Prolog on the Small Stage of the Göteborg Opera on two occasions in June 2009. During the autumn the production was on tour in West Götaland. NUDANS has been created to help and promote recently graduated dancers, an initiative taken by the Gothenburg Ballet and Johannes Öhman.

Peter Svenzon

Set design/Costume
Peter Svenzon

Peter Svenzon

Music composition & Film
Peter Svenzon

Abichai Arbiv

Lisa Fritzell, Hannes Lundin and Sara Schmücker